Computomarx provides the finest and most accurate computerized calculations and drawings for track markings available, at a price much less than that charged by an engineer or surveyor not using a computer. When not using a computer program a high probability exists that at least one of the several hundred calculations which must be performed will be done incorrectly. The possibility of error is completely eliminated when using Computomarx as the program has been exhaustively tested over nearly forty years of use.

Here are some of the many reasons why those involved in the construction or refurbishing of a running track should utilize the Computomarx system:

  1. The system uses a mature computer program which has been thoroughly checked for errors. Thus, there is no chance of error in any of the hundreds of calculations that must be made, as can happen when calculations are made by hand. This is an important consideration; major meets including the 1986 NCAA Indoor Championships become fiascoes because of improperly measured tracks. Since track and field has become a professional sport the potential for liability due to mis-measurement has markedly increased.
  2. Conformity of all calculations with the specifications of the appropriate governing body. (NFSHSA, NCAA, USATF, or World Athletics)
  3. Calculations in either metric units or U.S. Customary (metric recommended). Choice of chord or angle measurement in either degrees, minutes, and seconds or gradians for marks located on curves. Calculations for metric tracks or metric calculations on a yard track. Data for indoor tracks and odd length or oddly shaped tracks including "broken back" designs, with or without a curb. Calculations and drawings are performed according to the data provided by the customer on the Specification Form. Track layout is coordinated by the booklet Track Marking Using the Computomarx System.
  4. Mathematical solution of the arc starting line equation, a Computomarx exclusive. This simplifies the location of these lines and makes it possible to exactly calculate staggers for races involving a break for the pole after running part of the race in lanes.
  5. The exclusive Computomarx steeplechase.
  6. Unmatched expertise in the calculation of markings for banked indoor tracks.
  7. Same day service for calculations and drawings, regardless of quantity ordered. FAX or e-mail transmittal available.

The Computomarx program is continually being upgraded. Recent enhancements include the provision for different numbers and/or widths of lanes on the circumference and straightaways, allowing the 300 meter hurdles to start in a chute, calculations and drawing for straightaway events on the backstretch running in either direction , calculations and drawing for youth hurdle events of various distances and hurdle spacing, calculation and drawing of alleys for distance events, inclusion of assembly lines in the drawing, and a choice of three types of steeplechase course, all of which comply with the latest World Athletics guidelines. Latest additions to the program: The finish of the straightaway events may be at a different location and run in the opposite direction from the events on the circumference, customers who use chord measurement can chose the option of additional reference lines located at the apexes of the curves, and automatic calculation of the area of the running surface.  Drawings produced are compatible with popular CAD programs including AutoCAD®.  Option to locate markings on curves in gradians.  Recently the program was modified to reflect the World Athletics and USATF rule change governing sprint relay exchange zones.

We have been track and field consultants for nearly forty years. In addition, I have participated in and coached track for over fifty-five years, the last forty-three of which have been on the national and international level. My knowledge of mathematics and computer programming derived from a background of physics research and defense contractor employment makes me uniquely qualified to develop a program for track calculations and drawings. Many architectural firms, stripers, engineering companies, builders, and schools engage us in the preliminary stages of a track and field project, utilizing our experience in the areas of safety considerations, non interference of event areas, and layout to take advantage of prevailing wind conditions. For many years I served as an informal liaison between the International Association of Athletics Federations and the American Sports Builders Association. Be assured that all calculations and drawings supplied by us will accurately reflect the latest rule changes by the appropriate governing body. 

Computomarx calculations were used for three out of the four U. S. World Athletics Class 1 Certified Athletic Facilities as well as two out of three Class 1 Facilities in Canada.  Additionally, four out of the seven World Athletics Class 2 Facilities in the U. S. used our calculation.  The use of our calculations for your facility form a basis second to none for World Athletics Certification at any level.

Our price for both calculations and plot is only US$350.00 for standard length (400 m outdoor or 200 m indoor) oval tracks of any dimension.  Our price for tracks with steeplechase, odd length tracks, or tracks with compound curves is US$700.00.  Calculations and drawing for non-standard events, tracks with irrgularities and all other consulting work is at the rate of US$100.00 per hour.  Prices and hourly rate may be higher for work on holidays and weekends.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on all track and field projects. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.

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Some track striping firms in the United States still mark "400 meter" tracks using U.S. Customary measurements, despite the fact that all rules and specifications are metric, and that NCAA rules require tracks be measured using metric measurements. This often produces unsatisfactory results due to the mixing of the two systems of measurement. Many times a track so marked will be short or have errors visible to casual inspection. Computomarx performs all calculations metrically and outputs data in the metric system unless requested otherwise by the customer.

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