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A word from Computomarx president Dr. Wayne T. Armbrust


In the spring of 1975, I was the coach of the Ohio Track Club, a club with national and international class athletes, and was finishing work for a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Ohio State. I was asked by a supporter and former member of the club to perform the calculations for the markings of a new track installation at a local prep school. For this job I used techniques similar to those I was employing for my dissertation and wrote a computer program to perform the task. It soon became clear that this program had commercial possibilities. At that time I modified the program to handle tracks of arbitrary dimensions, lap lengths, number and width of lanes, finish line locations, and many other variables. Later the program was enhanced to produce color drawings along with the calculations. This was the origin of the Computomarx System of marking running tracks.

In the fall of 1986 I was asked to write a computer program for the Big Ten Cross Country Championships. This program was then commercialized as the Computoscore cross country scoring program. Later, programs for track meet and road race management were developed. Still later, meet management services using these programs were incorporated into the business.

In the beginning, of course, the business was a part time activity. Over the years, employment opportunities in the areas I had been working, aerospace and education, decreased. This was due to the end of the Cold War and the length of time since I had last done any academic research. Consequently, Computomarx became more emphasized as an occupation and is now a full time business.

Over the years I have remained active in the sport of athletics as a successful coach of open athletes, now through the Computomarx Track Club, USA Track and Field official, and USATF Association Sport Committee Chairman. All products and services provided by our company reflect both my experience in the sport and my scientific training. Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of services and products for the track and field community.

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