All linear measurements should be in meters. Please clearly indicate any that are not.

1. Name of facility .
2. Type of track.
400 m Outdoor
Metric on 440 yd
200 m Indoor
Metric on 220 yd
Other Outdoor (give present and new lap length, if different) ,
Other Indoor (give present and new lap length, if different) ,
3. Track dimensions. Give only oval straightaway length (distance between radius points) for 400 or 200 m facility or for metric on existing 440 or 220 yd. track. Give only radius of curve (to measure line) for conversion of 440 or 220 yd. track to metric. Give both for other length tracks. Straightaway , Radius . For tracks with double radius curves only: Measure line radius of first curve , Angle to second curve (deg min sec or gradians ). Indoor tracks only: Length of sprint straightaway: 50 m, 55 m, or 60 m.

4. Number of lanes , number of hurdle lanes (if different) . Number of straightaway lanes (if different) .

5. Width of lanes. . Width of straightaway lanes (if different) .

6. Distance of common finish line back from point of curvature on home straightaway .

7. If straightaway events finish at a different location: Location of Straightaway events finish line . Run counterclockwise or clockwise .

8. If straightaway width of track is greater than width of rest of track: Align home straight with inside or outside edge of rest of track.

9. If back straightaway is to be marked for straightaway sprint and hurdle events: Run counterclockwise or clockwise . Distance of back straight finish line back from point of curvature .

10. Raised curb present? .

11. Method of measurement of curves. Chord (Alternate Reference Lines? ), Angle (Counter-clockwise Clockwise, Deg Min Sec Gradians).

12. Linear units to be output. Meters , Feet . (Meters recommended)

13. U.S. High School events only?

14. Relay events: Standard (4X100 m, 4X200 m, 4X400 m relay 3 turn stagger outdoors; 4X400 m, 4X800 m, distance medley relay indoors) . Standard outdoors with 2 turn 4X400 stagger (not recommended) . Delete 4X200 m ? Additional relay events? (sprint medley, 4X1500 m outdoors; 4X200 m indoors)

15. Hurdles: Standard (100 m, 110 m, U.S. H.S. 300 m, 400 m outdoors; 50-55-60 m indoors) . Outdoors: Delete U.S. H.S. 300 m . Start 300 hurdles on chute? .
Add youth event? . If yes: Length of race , No. of hurdles , Dist. to first hurdle , Dist. between hurdles .

16. Are alleys desired? If yes: Number of alleys . One or two turn staggers.

17. Steeplechase data (if any). Type of Approach and return paths:
Computomarx elliptical segments
Inside water jump joined by circular arcs and a straight section
Outside water jump joined by circular arc
Point of departure from track measurement (chord or angle) , (Ref. Line ). Point of return to track measurement (chord or angle) , (Ref. Line ). Water jump approach side measurement (chord or angle) , (Ref. Line ), Radius . Water jump return side measurement (chord or angle) , (Ref. Line ), Radius. Curb for water jump path? Starting lines for youth events?

18. Additional Information:

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Contact Person
Street or P.O. Box
City State or Prov. Zip Code Country
Phone: Area Code Number Ext.
E-mail Address:

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