Shown below is a portion of the drawing for a track with the same dimensions as the sample text example.

The colors on this drawing correspond to those indicated on the the calculations. The simple lines are starting lines; green indicating the 800 meter start, black (substituting for white on the track) the 400 meter start, blue the 4X400 meter, and red the 4X200 meter. Chevrons are the international representation for relay exchange zones. The red chevrons are the 4X200 meter zones while blue indicates the first zone for the 4X400 meter. Chevrons denoting the beginning of the zone are distinguished from those indicating the end by the direction of the "hooks," which always point toward the center of the zone. Symbols for the beginning of the international zone for the 4x200 meter event are miniature versions of the beginning of zone chevrons. For U.S. high school tracks exchange zones are indicated by triangles. The second/third 4X400 meter zone is represented by blue lines across the track. Note also the arc starting line for distance races and its associated assembly line, and the photo timing lines spaced at one meter intervals before the finish line.

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